La. Man Confesses Sexual Urge to Stand Naked on the Highway

(LAKE CHARLES, LA) -- A man that reportedly has sexual urges to stand naked on the highway as motorists pass by is behind bars in Beauregard Parish on obscenity charges.

Monday night, the Beauregard Parish Sheriff Department received a call about a man standing on the side of Hwy 190 West near Dude Hickman Road and that the man was nude.

The woman caller advised that she had turned around to check on the man thinking that he needed help and when they returned to the area where he was last seen they could not see him.

When officials arrived, they checked the area and found a tent, a bicycle, and a buggy filled with coffee, ink pens, and other items on the north side of Dude Hickman Road near Merryville.

Checking further they found the man approximately 10 to 15 feet south of Dude Hickman Road where he was lying on the ground behind a tree, still nude.

The man was then identified from a Florida ID card as Michael Prophet, 52 years of age.

Officers asked Prophet why he was nude and he replied that he has sexual urges that he cannot control and admitted that he would stand on the side of the road nude while vehicles passed.

At this time Prophet is charged with obscenity and has been booked into the Beauregard Parish Jail.  Prophet remains in the Beauregard Parish Jail pending the setting and posting of bond.

Report: KPLC, Lake Charles