Oil prices affecting your roads, too

(CINCINNATI) -- Pump prices aren't just digging a hole in your pocket, they're also responsible for potholes.

Some local agencies are being forced to put off repairs that could trip up your commute.

We all know oil effects gas prices. But it also has a huge impact on the roads you drive on.

Thanks to soaring oil and gas prices, cracks and holes in the road maybe left for you to simply avoid.

"We've got some projects scheduled to be done this year. We don't know where those bids will come in at. We do know they're going to be higher, so we may shorten to amount of paving we do this year," said Doug Roell with the city of Newport.

The city of Newport is certainly not alone.

"If I can do ten roads next year, under normal circumstance I might at 25 percent, only be able to do seven and that is going to effect everyone on our residential streets," said Dave Buesking with the city of Forest Park.

And that 25 percent is the increase cities now have shovel out to pay for asphalt.

Here at Barrett they actually make asphalt. It's a combination of sand concrete and more importantly oil.

Barrett Paving Materials supplies the road cover for many municipalities in the area and says increases in the cost of diesel fuel used to transport, heat and lay asphalt are adding to the rising cost as well.

"Fuel since the first of the year has gone up 40 percent asphalt has gone up 40 percent natural gas has gone up 40 percent so its had a profound effect on our work," said Michael Thompson with Barrett Paving.

So when your commuting around town remember those pesky potholes maybe also be road markers you just have to get used to.

"Its hard for me to go out and look them in the eye and say that were definitely going to do your street next year. It's going to be hard," said Buesking.

Now, oil prices may continue to change a bit as gas prices do, but cities anticipate this huge problem will last for years.

FOX19.com: Dan Wells