Family of Daniel Wood wants changes to road

(COVINGTON, KY) -- The family of a 16-year-old boy who died in a bus crash in Pendleton County last month have spoken out about his death, and about their efforts to make changes to state Route 22.

Those efforts include a petition that Daniel Wood's parents say asks state lawmakers to make changes to state Route 22 by reducing speed on that road and elminating truck traffic.

That annoucement was just part of an interview with Dwight and Toni Wood that showed their grief and their determination.

"These trucks have got to get off that road. The school buses are not safe, our children are not safe," said Toni Wood.

"I'm still in awe. I can't believe it's happened. It's tearing my wife apart," said Dwight Wood.

"I would have never dreamed that five to ten minutes away from my house, that I'd lose my son and he'd never come back," said Toni Wood.

"All we want to do is eliminate the most dangerous spots and if we do that we're gonna save some lives," said Phil Taliaferro, the attorney for the Wood family.

About the petition, Toni Wood said, "We started a few days ago, about a week ago actually with the petiiton, and not one person rejected to sign our petition.

"It's a signature, you know? Lower the speed limit. It should not legally be 55 on that road. Try to go out there and drive it at that speed. You won't. You will not be able to. And for the dump trucks to be traveling that is ridiculous," she continued. "If they don't have a reason to be on that road, then they shouldn't be using it.The school busses are having to swerve, to miss these dumb trucks, they aren't staying on their side of the road. It's too dangerous.

"I will not give up on it. I will not give up. My son's not going to die in vain," she said.

The Wood family has also filed a lawsuit in this case against the dump truck driver that hit the bus, but they did not discuss that case. Sara Gouedy