Northern Kentucky officials consider smoking ban

You may soon have to put out the cigarettes in northern Kentucky, as officials are considering a smoking ban.

Officials in Boone, Kenton and Campbell counties are looking into banning smoking in some or all public places. That includes restaurants, bars, workplaces and other public gathering spots.

Outdoor patios as well as outdoor public venues like the Florence Freedom games would be exempt.

All three counties would have to agree on the same ordinance. Officials on the counties' fiscal courts say the issue is only being studied right now.

And it's already drawing strong opinions from both sides.

Some residents are saying:

"I think you should still have your freedom to smoke."

"I think it hurts business, restaurants, bars, clubs, it's not a good thing in your mind, no."

"If I can't smoke, I don't want to be here. I'll go home and drink."

A final draft of the ordinance is not expected to be ready for consideration for at least a month.

The smoke-free effort is being driven by Northern Kentucky Action, a group that includes hospitals and the American Lung and Heart Association.