Ga. man donates platelets 300 times

(ALBANY, GA) -- An Albany man reached a milestone that will help save the lives of others.

Hugh Watts donated platelets for the 300th time at the American Red Cross donor center Monday afternoon. The Red Cross honored him with a party to celebrate the milestone.

Donating platelets is different and more difficult than donating blood. The process takes about an hour and a half and requires more visits. Albany's flood of 1994 first got Watts in the donating chair.

"I came in to give blood and they asked about platelets. That was back when they put needles in both arms. We're real high tech now, a one-arm deal now," laughs Watts, "that makes it easy, a whole lot easier than before."

"When you think about it, that's a lot of platelets and a lot of patients that have been helped by his donations alone," said Andrea Tatum with the American Red Cross.

With today's equipment and technology, one of Watts' donations can save two people. Platelet donations help people going through transplants, chemotherapy and other procedures.

Source: WALB, Albany