Search for escaped Campbell Co. inmate heats up

(NEWPORT, KY) -- Police are turning up the heat in search of a fugitive wanted for attempted murder.

Jorge Gomez escaped from the Campbell County Jail Friday night, and he's still on the run.

But police say they have reason to believe he might be hiding in the Tri-state, and say he should be considered dangerous.

Three of the other people who escaped with Gomez have been captured and are back in the Campbell County Jail.

It's also where police want Gomez to land, behind bars. That's why they're taking every measure they can to find him.

"At this stage of the game I don't even know that he's still anywhere in the area, but as anything else, he could be," said Officer Mineer with Dayton Police.

That possibility alone made Dayton police and the Campbell County Sheriff's Department partner together, Posting flyers of Jorge Gomez around the area.

You can find the flyers at places like Hansman's Convenience Store and a Dayton Shell station.

"We'd like to get him back in jail. He belongs in jail," said Officer Mineer.

Dayton police say they the first encountered Jorge Gomez a few weeks ago at the Jamestown Village Apartments when they say he tried to strangle his girlfriend. Police charged Gomez that night with attempted murder.

"I know the girl that was with him, I know the family that's related, and I know that they're just hoping that they catch him," said Angela Stamper, a resident of the apartment complex.

Stamper says her neighborhood's been tense ever since Gomez broke out Friday night.

She says people have been worried Gomez might show up and continue what he started.

"I'm hoping they catch him, but I mean he's probably already headed back to wherever he's from. But I mean all we can do as a community is keeping saying you know, that he's wanted," she said.

And to drive that point home, police have offered a $1,000 reward to anyone with the tip that leads to Gomez's arrest. Sara Gouedy