Even if you don't buy diesel gas, it affects your wallet, too

The high price of diesel gas is also hurting your wallet even though you don't put it in you car, but truck drivers use it, and they say it's killing their business, which in turn affects your budget.

Truckers who own and operate their rigs say constantly that rising diesel prices are 'unbearable.'

"I usually put 400 to 500 dollars in every day or every other day something like that," said Ronald Kreutzer, a truck driver.

For 16-year veteran driver Paul Graves, its too much for his family trucking company to rumble through.

Paul says filling up a truck could cost as much as $1,400, but in the end we will pay for it.

"I'm hauling roofing materials going to a subdivision the owner of the houses, they don't realize it but he payed for the price of that fuel," Paul said.

Other drivers say the price for the gas "by-product" is a rip-off.

"I remember when they pumped it back into the ground cause it was waste. They didn't have anything to do with it. They threw it away now its higher than gas," Ronald said.

"All that reflects back on your prices when you go to walmart it effects your prices when you go to the grocery store. Trucks have to roll and that's how the product get to the store," Paul added.

Diesel prices across the Tri-state vary but hover at around $4.69 a gallon.

FOX19.com: Dan Wells