Search continues for horseback fugitive

(BATAVIA, OH) -- A fugitive on horse back is still stalking the woods of Clermont County and the search for that wanted rider is now at a gallop.

Sheriff's deputies are looking for 25-year old Christopher Crosby.  He has been seen in Clermont County on a stolen horse.

Crosby was supposed to go to jail for charges including home invasion and gun theft but never showed up for his sentencing.

Now police are in a horse race to get him in custody.

Investigators say Crosby loves horses and the outdoors.  Police believe he could be living in these Clermont County woods.

For the last two weeks 25 year-old Christopher Crosby has been trotting away from police.

"He's a very good horseman according to the reports I have.," says Clermont County Deputy Mike Robinson.  "He knows these woods like the back of his hand.  We're literally talking about thousands of acres now. He could be anywhere."

Police say Crosby was using his father's horse to run from the law but one Clermont County resident caught him stealing this horse.

"Now residents in the small town of Laurel say they've seen Crosby riding a horse in this area and they also imagine he's living in woods like these."

"I think everybody in the neighborhood is nervous pretty much everyone around here keeps the doors locked anymore.  Before we didn't even have to."

Jerrie Harrison knows Crosby well and says he's not dangerous...just scared.

"He just needs to turn his self in.  I think every thing will workout just fine if he turns his self in."

And that is exactly what sheriff's want.  If you have any information on Crosby's whereabouts call police.  Do not try to go after him yourself. Dan Wells