NKY workers jump into the carpool

(HEBRON, KY) -- There is a new trend among large employers and it's quickly catching on a two Northern Kentucky Corporations.

Toyota Boshoku and Gap Incorporated employees are clicking a mouse to share a ride to work.  Maria Cook was tired of seeing price hikes at the gas pump and so with the environment and her co-workers in mind, she turned to carpoolworld.com.  "I think there's a lot of people that live really close to each other that don't know they live close to each other and work closely as well."  In two days, 20 employees at Toyota Boshoku and Gap Incorporated next door, signed up to carpool to work.

Gap Inc. employee Paula Hoop says it only makes sense to share the cost of gas with people who are going to the same place you are.  "It's simply a mindset you need to shift gears.  You may have to adjust your schedule slightly but your pocketbook is going to increase." Hoop says.

Carpooling isn't a new concept to Nick Rumage and his wife Aya Masuda who works at Toyota Boshoku.  "With gas prices as high as they are, it really does help out when we ride together back and forth from work." Rumage says.  For his wife Aya, who is Japanese, the American dependence on cars is a foreign concept so carpooling came naturally.  "In my country people take a bicycle more often or a train or a bus." Masuda says.

"We are all very independent and we want to do everything ourselves so it's something people just don't understand the concept of carpooling or riding public transportation."  Says Cook who is serving as administrator for the carpool program.  She's also carpooling herself and calculating the savings once, was all it took for her to park and ride.  "If I just do it twice a week I save about a tank of gas a month and that's 85 dollars so it's about 1000 dollars a year I can save by carpooling to work two days a week."

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