Springer returns to Cincinnati - with music

The cast rehearses for this weekend's opening
The cast rehearses for this weekend's opening

(CINCINNATI) -- "Jerry Springer the Opera" is bringing controversy back to Cincinnati.

New Stage Collective will open the show Thursday at it's Over the Rhine Theater. The show features a collection of operatic songs set against Jerry Springer's talk show.

" In the second act, Jerry Springer gets shot and then Satan calls him down to hell to do a show to get an apology from Jesus," says Alan Patrick Kenny, a producer for the show. He says plot points also include fights, profanity, and characters similar to those found on the talk show.

Some of the content has made local groups upset enough to call for a protest of the show opening night. The catholic grassroots group "America Needs Fatima" has planned a protest of about 100 people. On their website, the group calls the protest a "rally of reparation". Organizer Pat Ashcroft declined to comment formally on the protest with FOX 19.

Producers of the show, though, welcome the controversy. The opera met protesters in Britain when it opened and in New York City.

"I think it's pretty cool that we're doing it here, and that Cincinnati yet again is a first amendment town," say Kenny.

He says opening night is already sold out.

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