196 million dollar OH lottery winner claims prize

(CLEVELAND, OH) -- The person who bought the Mega Millions ticket at the Main Street Wine & Spirits in Amelia has claimed their winnings.

The name of the person was not released but this morning an attorney claimed the 196 million dollars on behalf of The Anthony Trust.  Reporters were refered to an office in the 5/3rd tower. No one there was able to comment.

The Ohio Lottery says that Christine Buttress, trustee, arrived at the Ohio Lottery's Cleveland office early this morning.

The holder of the ticket chose the annuity. The trust will receive a first- time payment of $7,550,000 before mandatory Federal and State tax withholdings. The trust will then receive annual payments of $7,538,000 for the next 25 years before mandatory Federal and State tax withholdings.

The winning ticket was purchased at Main Street Wine & Spirits of Amelia.  The winner used the auto lotto feature when purchasing the ticket. The winning numbers were 6-11-39-46-47 + 26. Main Street Wine & Spirits received a $100,000 bonus for selling a jackpot-winning ticket.