Employee accused of selling fireworks to 9-year-old

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

GREENDALE, IN (FOX19) -- A Greendale, Ind. fireworks shop could be in hot water for being accused of selling fireworks to a little girl.

Police say it happened at "Party at Trav's" fireworks Tuesday afternoon.

Greendale police say they've turned over their investigation to the Indiana State Fire Marshal's office.

Meanwhile, the owner of "Party at Trav's" is calling this purchase a mistake, and says his staff is taking steps to make sure this type of incident doesn't happen again.

"The last thing we want is to have fireworks in the wrong hands," said Travis Chrisman, owner of the store.

Chrisman freely admits one of his cashiers made a mistake and sold three Roman Candle fireworks to Robin Rotsart's 9-year-old daughter, Madison.

"It was just very shocking to me how the whole thing went down," said Rosart.

Rosart says she'd taken her daughter to the store, but had taken her eyes off Madison for a few minutes.

Rosart says Madison bought the fireworks during that time.

"When they asked her if she had an adult with her, she said my mom's in the store and pointed off somewhere. But they went ahead and let her purchase them regardless to the fact that no adult was with her," said Rosart.

In Indiana, a person must be 18 years old to purchase fireworks.

Greendale police say because of that, they've turned over this case to the state fire marshal's office, saying at the very least, this could qualify as a violation for the business.

Chrisman points out something else. He says Rosart was within eyesight of her daughter at the time of sale, and he says the cashier insisted to him that she thought Rosart saw Madison making the purchase.

"The last thing that she would ever want is to endanger or anything like that," he said.

Chrisman says if nothing else, he's made even clearer to his staff about the laws.

He says now all of his cashiers are checking ID's before they make sales, and requiring that parents accompany their kids through the line.

Greendale police say that in their area, sales of fireworks to minors are very rare, and that is the first case they've heard about in several years.