Why fireworks may cost you more this year

By Dan Wells - bio | email

Your holiday sparkle might cost you more this year, a problem that's igniting a lot of concern for both firework distributors and consumers.

It's because of supply problems in China. Officials say 4th of July shows around the Tri-state shouldn't be affected.

But in the future you may find it a lot more difficult and expensive to find backyard Sparklers and Roman Candles.

"Its either increase costs or shoot less," said Joe Rozzi with Rozzi's Fireworks.

You've seen Rozzi's at Reds games, or at more than 70 local celebrations.

Now, thanks to limited firework supplies because of an explosion earlier this year in China, Rozzi is not getting as much "bang for his buck."

"Freight is up quite a bit. We're figuring plus the product cost you could be looking at a container could cost you another 25 percent to get here," said Rozzi.

There are more than 2,500 shells for a display in Fairfield, but company officials say putting on a display like this next year will cost a lot more."

"We're seeing some prices up in the retail segment they're starting to creep up...not as much as the display, but we're learning that is coming," said Rozzi.

Vito Casullo of Vito's fireworks says a weak US dollar on top of China producing most of the world's pyrotechnics means the situation will get a lot worse before it gets better.

"I called and tried to get a container imported to buy it for next year and it went 25 percent more so we'll have at least a 55 percent increase across the board next year," said Casullo.

But everyone seems to agree, Independence Day is a mid-summer staple, no matter how much prices "blow up."

"Everybody celebrated the Fourth of July, people are spending money on themselves to enjoy it," said Casullo.

On top of all of that, China is also expected to restrict firework shipments as part of a security crackdown related to the summer Olympics, and many say that will only make this problem worse.