13-year-old South Carolina boy steals cruiser, takes it on a joyride

COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) -- A 13- year old boy accused of stealing a police car and taking it on a joyride has landed behind bars.

The Dillon, S.C. police say the boy jimmied  open the front door of the police department and took the keys to a police car.

Police say the boy returned the car after hearing a call go out over the scanner.

When Dillon police officers spoke with the boy's mom, Patricia Gillespie. They say she told them she had seen her son outside with the car but assumed he was with one of the officers.

Gillespie says her son wanted to be a police officer and often spent time with someone from the department...

Investigator James Hayes with Dillon Police Department says what happened is something the department never expected.

"Just one of them unfortunate incidents where you try to help a kid that's been in trouble a lot. Just one thing turn into another. Just a sad situation," said Hayes.

The  boy will stay in the detention center until he goes before a judge some time next week.

The mother is charged with contributing to the delinquincy of a minor, and will go before a judge later next month.