Parents of 3-year-old attacked by pit bull want changes to dog ordinance

By Dan Wells - bio | email

GREENDALE, IN (FOX19) -- A toddler is recovering after a pit bull attack in Greendale, Ind.

Her mom and dad say the dog ought to be quarantined by animal control, but the law doesn't work that way...yet.

Brayden Cochran, 3, is lucky she wasn't killed after a weekend dog attack.

"Pretty deep wound. She ended up getting seven stitches," said her dad, Troy.

The little girl was attacked in her Greendale front yard by leashed dog. She was bitten on her lower back during a Fourth of July party.

The incident happened in a driveway around 7 p.m. on July 4 and that's when the Cochrans say dog would not give up their daughter without a fight."

"Thank God my wife was right there to pull him away or it could have been a lot worse," said Troy Cochran.

Now, after the attack, the dog took off and went home. Police were called to investigate, but what happened next surprised everybody.

"Obviously we thought the dog would be quarantined in their facilities. Later I found out the dog is still currently at the residence which is five houses from where we live," said Troy.

Brandy Sellers, a mom to little ones herself is the dog's owner.

"Their girl walked at him with a firework, he got scared, he bit her, he didn't maul her. The dog could have hurt that little girl. He is very strong. He wasn't trying to kill that little girl," said Sellers.

Sellers says she's extremely sorry.

"He bit out of fear. Its not right. I'm not trying to justify it but I don't want him portrayed as a vicious animal because he's not," she said.

When we asked sellers about keeping the dog at her home after the attack, she says she's following the city code of a 10-day home quarantine, but says soon that won't be necessary.

"I'm choosing to put him down because I don't want a dog for any reason, any dog that bites a child," Sellers said.