Covington woman chases catalytic converter thief

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) -- FOX19 has reported on a crime that puts drivers at grave risk when thieves prowling for scrap metal cut parts right out from under cars.

One local woman who helped police catch a catalytic converter thief by putting herself in peril says she'd do it again.

Deb Enneking says it was really quite simple. She just noticed what was happening underneath her neighbors van -- something that she knew wasn't right.

Most days at Deb's children's shop in Mainstrasse Village are pretty quiet.

Except for the day about a week ago, when Deb says she caught a catalytic converter thief in her back alley.

"When I opened my door, here those two came out from under this van," she said.

Deb says Jason Cordell and his girlfriend took off while she tried to call the police.

While on the phone, she checked her own car, and found it had been broken into as well.

"There's still glass here from where they had busted out the window," she said.

Deb says, before she knew it, she saw Jason and his girlfriend walking along Main Street. Then she says she started chasing them, a chase that started when the two ran into the alley between two buildings.

"I actually admire the woman for her tenacity in locating this individual," said Lt. Col. Spike Jones with Covington Police.

Covington Police say without Deb following Jason, they might not have caught him at all.

Now, he's charged with robbery.

"This was a good catch, not only for the Covington police, but for our city as a whole and maybe even this area," said Jones.

Police say while they don't recommend a person put themselves in harms way, they do want people to be as observant as Deb.

Deb says she'll keep watching out for herself and her neighbors.

"I hope it doesn't happen again. But, at least if I helped to stop this crime with this individual, I'm happy for that," she said.

Deb also says that once police made this arrest, they found two baby strollers in the alley they think Jason and his girlfriend left. Both of them were full of stolen stuff.