Tired of high gas prices? How about a scooter!

By Corey McConnell - bio | email

CINCINNATI (FOX19) -- They've long been all the rage in Europe, where gas prices have long been out of sight.

Now that America is also paying through the nose for gas, sales of scooters that supposedly get a hundred miles to the gallon are up 25 percent.

Gary Linvbloom was tired of paying too much at the pump. He hit his breaking point and broke down and bought a scooter.

"Four bucks and the thought that it's not coming back down," Linvbloom said.

Scooters get between 70 and 100 miles to the gallon, granted they only hold two gallons of gas. But after a month, Gary is already seeing the savings, and his commute to work is a serious one.

"27 which turns into Colerain to Ronald Reagan to 75 south, to Paddock," he said.

Yes, Gary Rides his scooter on Interstate 75.

Bill Hutchinson just put a deposit down on a new scooter. He says gas prices, plus needing a little fun in his life led him here.

"Nobody seems to be in control of it and if I'm going to keep control of transportation expenses scooters a good way to do it," Hutchinson said.

Metro Scooter owner Dave Rueve says ever since gas hit $4 a gallon, the traffic in his scooter store has risen dramatically.

"I think folks feel good about not using that much gas and energy and they feel good about saving money," said Rueve.