The future of transportation?

Posted by Trina Kinstler - email

HYDE PARK, OH (FOX19) -- A car that gets 500 percent better gas mileage? That allows drivers hands-free travel? That eliminates traffic congestion and provides a 70 percent reduction transportation in global warming gases?

These are just some of the selling points the inventors of the "Liberator Car" are using.

Jay Andress and Andy Webster are the inventors of the MonoMobile, which uses monorails to run cars on batter power. The rails charge the car's battery.

"Our Liberator Car combines the best of all worlds, the convenience of a clean, affordable, safe private car with the advantages of mass transportation," said Andress.

Andress bought a small electric car in Europe and refit the top to also run on an overhead track he erected in Clermont County. Andress is currently seeking funding to build a 1-mile demonstration track, also in Clermont County.

Andress says the car costs about the same price as a regular car, and a one-mile stretch of rail would cost about $1 million.

"The Brent Spence Bridge is an example. They say that would cost $1.5 billion dollars, but we could built a four-rail system for $50 million," Andress said.

Andress says four rails of a MonoMobile track has the same vehicle capacity as a 20 lane highway.

The Liberator was in Hyde Park Square on Thursday, and will move to Cleveland, Detroit and Columbus later in the month.