Gas Prices Affecting Law Enforcement Agencies

Amber Jenkins - email

BOONE COUNTY, KY(FOX19)- With the rise of gas prices all over the nation, drivers are trying to find ways to cut costs. The Boone County Sheri's Office is doing just that beginning this week.

The department has required  all of their deputies the shut off their engines for 15 minutes for each hour they are out on patrol.

The sheriff's office tells Fox19 that the cost to keep its cruisers running has almost doubled since last year.

" That's kind of the cloud that's kind of following us around that we've got to work and deal with", says Sergeant David Stallworth.

The deputies say that even though they will be sitting in turned off cars, their presence on the streets will be just the same.

Another change being made with the sheriff's office is that deputies will  spend a part of their shift at the dispatch center. Now some of that calls that are answered will be handled over the phone instead of in person.