Twitty Owes Back Taxes to State

The Ohio Attorney General's Office confirmed reports that Cincinnati Police Lt. Colonel Ron Twitty owes back taxes.
According to the state, the 29-year veteran of the force failed to pay a total of $13,933.10 over six years between 1983 and 1994. Twitty also neglected to file a return five different times. However, his boss maintained no knowledge of the delinquency.

"I just started to hear what you're talking about in the last hour," police chief Tom Streicher admitted during a news conference Monday.

Someone knew. In 1995, the city started garnishing Twitty's wages. Records show $3,700 of his salary went to pay overdue state taxes spanning three years.

"Nobody cared until this came up," said Cincinnati City Councilmember Minette Cooper. "Somebody's looking to see what else they can say about him."