Teen father of unborn baby may have to pay child support

By Dan Wells - bio | email

LEBANON, OHIO (FOX19) - The teenage boy who ended up impregnating a 25-year-old employee at a group home in Warren County certain faces therapy for these alleged crimes, but he could also face a bill when he turns 18.

Carolynn Hatcher will soon be a mom, but the father of her unborn child may not be her husband. Police say it's a 16-year-old foster child and sex abuse victim; a kid, Carolynn Hatcher cared for at the Midwest Children's Home.

"I think they're a major problem here...and the other thing about it is she knew he was a vulnerable kid," says the Warren County Prosecutor, Rachel Hutzel.

Hatcher didn't have a criminal history before this incident; now she faces six counts of a third degree felony sexual battery. The future is not clear for her or her unborn child.

The Warren County Prosecutor's office says if convicted, these charges could send Hatcher to jail for five years on each count, rendering her unable to care for her child.

"You've got criminal aspects, you've got foster care, you've got the victim portion of it for the 16-year-old, and some where down the road there's going to be child support issues," said Cindy Brown, executive director of the Butler County Child Support Enforcement agency.

Brown, says at this point, theres no clear cut solution for the future of this unborn child.

"I would suspect that maybe a family member steps in," she said. "It's not up to children services to determine where that child goes."

If that child goes to children services, there's a real possibility the teenage victim in this crime may end up paying the state and county for future child support fees for the child; the result of that alleged abuse.

"You've got all these issues that have to be sorted out this is the first time we've been through anything like this...it really hard to tell where the child support it going to kick in," said Brown.