Employees ride to work on bikes

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - On ride to work day, each of these six bikes take a prime space outside Osbourn Coinage and Doran Manufacturing in Queensgate.

Chris micMillan says, "it's excellent--front door service."

The company says this kind of VIP spot is now permanent for employees who ride bike; all in an effort to encourage workers at the plant to go green.

"When they say, uh, 'Smog Alert, combine trips' they should say 'Smog Alert ride your bike to work".

Company owner Jeff Stegman says he was about twelve employees who regularly hop on their hogs for a trip to work.

But he'd like to see more.

"When you're talking you know fifty miles to the gallon verses what you might get in your truck or your SUV, you know, it makes a big difference," He says.

Better gas mileage is one thing Stegman says his company has been working on for years.

This is what got the company so excited about motorcycles in the first place. It's a tire pressure monitoring system for the bikes."

"What this does is it tells you the pressure on the front and rear tire of the motorcycle, and if you get a low tire, it gives you an alarm, right away,"Stegman says.

So while making a product for better MPG, rewarding those with bike only makes sense.

And most of the riders at the office say once they made the change to a bike, the can't imagine going back to a car.

Poe Withered says, "It's a lot more convenient to ride when gas is four dollars a gallon."

And when your boss gives you an extra special spot to park your bike.