War of Words Between Police Leaders

A war of words has broken out between the leaders of two Cincinnati Police groups.

Sentinel Police Association president Scotty Johnson blasted Roger Webster of the Fraternal Order of Police for failing to represent African American officers the same way as Caucasians.

"Enough is enough," maintained Johnson.

The battle began with the suspension and investigation of Lt. Colonel Ron Twitty. The 29-year veteran of the force went on paid administrative leave July 12, while the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office started looking into allegations of filing a false hit-skip report. Preliminary findings will likely come out before the weekend.

In the meantime, Johnson issued a "vote of no confidence in the FOP". The Sentinels may also file a civil suit for unequal treatment.

"Bring it on," responded Webster. "I'm tired of Scotty's crap because he's always trying to stir the pot when there's nothing to stir."

Webster maintains he always treats officers equally, adding Twitty never came to him for help.