Celebration turns to nightmare after couple says they found bed bugs at local hotel

By Dan Wells - bio | email

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) -- Some couples get a seven year itch, but not like this.

A local couple goes to a local hotel to celebrate their anniversary and says their room was filled with bed bugs.

The Brewer family says an anniversary vacation here at the Wildwood Inn was supposed to be romantic and relaxing, but ended up being a nightmare full of critters.

Carrie Brewer and her husband say their trip was ruined after finding what they believe were bed bugs.

"We have never had an issue with bed bugs at our hotel," says the manager, Chris Shively.

Carrie says she's doesn't buy the hotel's clean bill of health.

"I lifted up those sheets and I mean there were bugs everywhere, the whole thing. I got pictures of the mattress and everything. It was disgusting," said Carrie.

Carrie says after calling the front desk to complain, fresh towels and sheets were brought to the room.

"As the employee checked the room there was no evidence of insects of any kind let alone bed bugs," said Shively.

When FOX19 asked hotel management to see the room the Brewers had stayed in, they were more than happy to give a tour.

"The sheets that were on the bed have been replaced obviously fresh linens, fresh mattress, fresh blankets, pressed sheets," said Shively.

However, Shively would not show the mattress because he said, "I want to have it professionally cleaned."

Shively says the hotel has a strict procedure they follow when complaints like this are made.

"We have the room shut down right now we're going to have Orkin come out and treat. Anytime we have a complaint of insects we have Orkin come and treat the room professionally," said Shively.

"I just started crying and said, 'This is not happening.' I know these are bugs you can see them clearly," said Carrie.

FOX19 has obtained five health department complaints about the Wildwood Inn. The hotel says health inspectors never found anything.

The hotel also says this is the second time the Brewer family has stayed at the hotel.

The Northern Kentucky Health Department says that complaints of bed bugs in local hotels is common..

The department receives complaints about bed bugs pretty regularly. They try to respond to the complaints within a day.

However, often times when they go to check it out, the hotel has already started to take steps to get rid of the bugs.

There are things you can do to make sure you don't check into a bug infested hotel room.

First, grab a flashlight.

<"Start with the mattress and the bedding. The mattress check the seams folds behind the headboard along the baseboards, look for evidence of bugs or their droppings," said Steve Divine with the health department.

The health department says there are lots of places the bugs can hide, so if you think you were exposed of them, make sure you wash all your clothing in hot water and dry it in a hot dryer.

Also inspect anything that was in the hotel room with you thoroughly.