Summer camps facing economic crunch

By Dan Wells - bio | email

CINCINNATI (FOX19) -- We've all juggled with the rising cost of transportation, food, and the overall cost of running a business.

Even local summer camps are also dodging the economic " tag - you're it" game.

Cooking, swimming, hiking - it's all a part of the summer camp experience, but Andrea McCarthy with West Wood Town Call Summer Camp says, "We have to totally reinvent everything that we do."

McCarthy says camp activities are becoming harder and harder to budget.

Summer camp is fun, but programming here is changing due to the rising cost of everything.

"There was an increase in minimum wage, the gas really hit us hard because our bus prices have tripled in cost from what we paid last year," said McCarthy. "The places we go, their costs went up, food costs have gone up, those are all things we provide these kids with."

So the summer camp, like many around the Tri-state, have had to change.

"This year we did a lot of in house field trips where we invited groups to come to us instead of us putting 100 kids on a bus to go somewhere," said McCarthy.

So how does the issue effect parents paying for the service? It doesn't. Enrollment costs and registration fees for most camps were set back in the fall.

"From the point of view of a parent, its nice to be able to drop the kids off and have the summer programs use activities where it keeps them involved and active," said parent Larry Hoffman.

"Its something to do instead of sitting in the house," said Adrienne Smith, a 13-year-old camp-goer.

Even with budget constraints, there was certainly no lack of things to do.

"Everybody has a budget, we have to stick to ours," said McCarthy.