FOX19 Follow Up: Stolen items go back to rightful owners

By Corey McConnell - bio | email

NEW LIBERTY, KY (FOX19) -- Everything from plasma TVs to jewelry to guns was on display Wednesday for their rightful owners.

All that stuff was taken in nearly 70 different burglaries, which police say are linked to Eric and Matt Farmer in Campbell, Owen, Carroll, Scott, Bracken and Pendleton counties.

Now, at least some of it is back in the hands of the rightful owners.

All of the dozens of people who were victims of the Farmer cousins could do was hope.

"It's something you never get out of your mind somebody's been in your home it just destroys you," said Chief Greg Davis with the New Liberty Fire Department.

"You just felt dirty," said victim Curtis Bezold. "Could you sleep at night if somebody would come in?"

Police busted the two men they say are responsible for stealing all of this, a firehouse full of tools, guns, jewelry, estimated at $30,000 to $40,0000 worth.

"I absolutely did not think I would ever get it back I figured they sold it took it away pawned it off I'm amazed at how much I did get back," said Bezold.

And even if the monetary value of whatever was stolen isn't very high, the sentimental value is.

"A lot of it may not be really valuable to anybody else but it is to the person who lost it," said victim Paul Hawkins.