Too big for Big Boy?

Charles Compton
Charles Compton

WINCHESTER, KY (FOX) -- A big man says Big Boy's restaurant isn't big enough for him.

Charles Compton says he was fired because he couldn't fit into the uniform. Compton says he weighs 349 pounds.

He says he's the first to admit he's large, but is shocked he lost his job over it.

The married father of three says he was given a shirt sized 2X. When he told his manager it was too small, Compton says he was told he couldn't work there anymore because they didn't have larger uniforms.

"I've done this customer service for years, I mean it's just natural to me," he says. "He called me in and I applied. I got hired here for Big Boy's.

"I went in there and told them the shirt didn't fit they said, 'well we can't employ you if the shirt don't fit. That's the biggest we have," he continues.

After a local TV station aired this interview, the store's manager called him to apologize and says they now have a shirt that will fit him.

Compton says he is not interested in working at Big Boy's anymore.

"Apparently Big Boy only applies to the customers, they don't want big boy people inside," Compton says.