UPDATE: Bus company issues response on dance team's trip

By Dan Wells - bio | email


UPDATE: The president of C&C Travel gives her side of the story saying, issueing a statement to FOX19 that read, "The partial payment received was not even half of the charter rate. The bus was pulled over once for going slower than the surrounding traffic. The second time the police were called.... Was due to the passengers unruliness. We are confident in our company's reputation and look forward to putting this mess behind us."


Dozens of local dancers are kissing the ground of the Tri-state after being stuck in the middle of nowhere for two days.

The team dreamed of making it to Broadway, at least for a visit. But the trip goers say the adventure was actually quite a pain after being abandoned in central Pennsylvania.

The Unity Dance Troupe was supposed to be back in Cincinnati on Sunday.

But due to some bus maintenance issues, being stuck on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for hours and being pulled over five times, they actually arrived Tuesday around 7:30 p.m. on a new bus, frustrated, tired and asking, 'why?'

Members of the Unity Dance Troupe are happy to be back in the Tri-state.

"It started off really good," said Kasib Hasan, the team's coach. "It was great for the dance team to be in the competition and go to New York. It was a really good thing."

But getting back on a rented charter bus from C&C Travel based out of Westwood was apparently a different story.

"The bus was not fit to be put on the expressway or the highway period," said Lakisha Strayhorn, a parent.

"There are still children in Pennsylvania whose parents didn't even want them to come back on the bus," said Angela Randolph, another parent.

Randolph is among 10 parents who chaperoned the team of 28. She says during portions of the trip back to Cincinnati, the rented bus was pulled over by the Pennsylvania State Police for being unsafe. It apparently broke down several times and then even ran out of fuel.

"The bus driver says he didn't have any gas and so the parents had to give him money for gas," said Randolph.

The bus finally broke down in Somerset, Pennsylvania.

"We sat at a truck stop for 11 hours while the bus driver was in a hotel sleeping with no air we had people that needed medical attention," said Randolph.

"We had to muster up enough money for everyone to sleep in a hotel. We had like nine people to a room," added Strayhorn.

The group finally hired a new bus driver to bring them home.

"They called me at my office this morning and said that the coach they were riding left them stranded in Somerset and they needed to get back to Cincinnati," said Fred Tittle, the bus driver who helped the team get home.

Now thankfully, most of the troupe is home.

FOX19 attempted to call C&C Travel to ask them about the trip and all of the problems, but the calls were not returned.