Prosecutor to Review Twitty Case

One of the most controversial cases to come from the Cincinnati Police Division now sits in the hands of Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen. Friday, sheriff Simon Leis released a report on a "very thorough investigation" into the circumstances surrounding damage to Lt. Colonel Ron Twitty's city-issued car.

The morning of July 4, the 29-year veteran of the force attributed a bent hood, flattened tire, and an eight inch hole in the front bumper of the 2001 Ford Taurus parked outside his Bond Hill home on Towne Street to a hit skip. Responding officers found no evidence to corroborate the claim, prompting chief Tom Streicher to take action. A suspension went into effect on July 12.

Since then, critics from the Sentinels Police Association to the Black United Front sounded off against the decision. The National Urban League even went so far as to cancel plans to hold its 2003 convention in Cincinnati. Twitty, meanwhile, has kept mostly quiet, placing the matter "in God's hands".

However, Allen could get the first word. Under no timeline, he plans to review the facts gathered and determine whether to pursue criminal charges of falsification. The case could go before the grand jury if deemed necessary.