Coroner releases preliminary report on child who was left in van

CINCINNATI (WXIX) - Hamilton County Coroner O'dell Owens released a preliminary report Friday afternoon on 11 month old Jenna Edwards.

According to the report Edwards died of hyperthermia.  This is overheating of the body.  Owens states that during his examination at the scene, the child's temperature was 110 degrees.

All toxicology testing is still pending.

Also, today, an attorney for the Edwards family sent this release:

"The words of Mrs. Edwards wishing that the child care provider ahd called were stated in the moments and hours after she had lost her precious daughter.  She was then and continues to question all of teh potential "what ifs" and "if onlys."  Neither Mrs. Edwards nor her family blames the child care provider for the loss of Jenna.  Their hearts are broken.

The Edwards family is suffering from this terrible tragedy.  Words cannot express how bereft they have become.  Pray for them and for their daughter, Jenna."