Families mark crash anniversary by giving back

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Wednesday marks the second anniversary of the Comair crash that killed 49 people at Lexington's airport.

Many of those whose loved ones were lost are focusing their energy this year on thanking the Kentucky community, which they say helped them deal with the crisis in the days following the deadliest domestic plane crash since 2001.

While most of these families were strangers to one another before the crash, tragedy has created a close bond and they still communicate regularly through e-mail and phone calls.

Louis Turner said there was widespread agreement that this anniversary should focus not just on the inevitable mourning but also on finding ways to give back to the people who helped them through the biggest tragedy of their lives.

Turner's husband, Larry Turner, was one of those killed.

Flags all over Kentucky are flying at half staff on Wednesday in honor of the victims.

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