Community upset over burnt playground

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

CARTHAGE, OH (FOX19) -- A fire burned down a playground in Carthage, and now kids and parents there are burning mad.

That's because firefighters have now ruled that fire as arson, and police are looking for suspect.

The park is divided in two by caution tape now. On one side, kids can play, on the other, there's nothing left but a big mess.

Come to this Carthage park, and all you can do is swing.

Investigators say an arsonist took everything else late Sunday night, burning the park away from kids like Demarco Hambrick and his friends.

"I never thought I would see this happen to the park that I go to every day," said Hambrick.

Where a whole playset one sat, only twisted pieces of metal remain.

"Luckily nobody got hurt or anything," said Kelvante Barnett.

The melted plastic just hanging from the slide shows not only how hot the fire was, but how dangerous it could have been.

"It got so hot that the neighbors back here had to get their vehicles and put them out on Seymour. They couldn't leave them in the driveway because they were so close too it," said Brenda Bruegman, who's front porch overlooks the small park. "I just want to ask them, what did they get out of it?"

Cincinnati arson investigators didn't go on camera about this case, but the did say they have no suspects in the fire. They say was clearly set by someone and they're still figuring out how the fire started.

Meanwhile, these kids are learning to live without.

They wait for someone to fix the park, and wait for someone to be charged with the crime.

"They ought to be ashamed of themselves, and they ought to be careful next time," said Hambrick.

There are efforts already in Carthage to get this park cleaned up. Some civic clubs and churches are getting involved in the work.