Local kids aim to stop speeding in their neighborhood

By Steve Oldfield - bio | email

HEBRON, KY (FOX19) -- Before a cop pulls you over for speeding, better take some advice from local youngsters armed with radar who want to make sure nobody's zooming through their community.

C.J. and Colin are on a mission to get drivers rolling through their part of the world to slow down.

The call themselves the Speed Stoppers, "because we stop people from speeding."

They've drafted their sisters to help out. Melissa's the oldest so she gets the radar gun, and McKenna radios the results to the boys waiting at the stop sign to deliver the news.

"I wanted to be a part of this because we're helping to make the neighborhood safe," said Melissa. "We hide behind this bush and catch 'em."

They say about three out of ten go over the 25 mile an hour limit. The fastest they've seen was about 49.

"A lot of teenagers, so they go pretty fast and they're not wearing their seatbelts most of the time so we get 'em," said Colin.

"It's an eye-awakener to follow the law and there's people out there who care," said Colin's older sister, who was stopped by the boys recently.

"It's cool, it's better than being a couch potato," said McKenna.

"I don't want any accidents and it's really hot," said C.J. "You've got to have like the guts to be out here and just gotta go through some hard things to make the neighborhood safe."

It's all in a day's work for the Speed Stoppers.