Amelia tax issue will be on the ballot

By Dan Wells - bio | email

AMELIA, OH (FOX19) -- Amelia's leaders have been talking about a one-percent earnings tax for years, and now that issue will now be left up to voters.

Talk about the tax has been so unpopular, some residents said a few weeks ago that they wanted to just dissolve village all together, but the didn't get enough valid signatures to the issue on the ballot. But at the council meeting Thursday night, the one percent earnings tax took center stage and will go to voters in a special election in February.

Amelia's annual budget is about $2.8 million dollars. Officials say the tax is needed because the village is pressed to meet the demand for services, including having funding to replace an expiring levy that covers waste collection.

Village administrators had figured a one percent earnings tax could raise about $560,000 a year for the area.

If passed, the tax would apply to all residents with jobs and anyone who worked in Amelia.

Amelia residents for Fiscal Responsibility is still trying to get this village dissolved and the issue on that February ballot. along with the vote to either accept or deny this earnings tax.

The tax wouldn't apply to retirement income, disability or social security payments. The mayor says if this tax vote fails, cuts will have to be made.