Presidential race comes to Tri-State this week

By Jill Eichorn - email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -- The road to the White House goes right through the Tri-state this week, with visits from Sen. John McCain and his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, as well as Sen. Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle.

In addition, third party candidate Ralph Nader will be in town on Monday.

They're painting, stripping and sweeping outside the Golden Lamb in Lebanon, getting ready for the national spotlight again.

Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin come to town Tuesday morning for a rally in front of the same people who overwhelmingly re-elected Bush as president.

"When the pick of Sarah Palin came down, it created a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and excitement in Warren County. We've had a large number of people making signs, making phone calls, going door to door," said Tom Grossman with the Warren County Republican Party.

Palin is arriving at Lunken Airport late Monday afternoon. McCain will lane later Monday evening.

But the McCain-Palin ticket isn't the only one paying the Queen City a visit.

On Monday evening, Nader will hold a rally at Memorial Hall. Sunday, Justin Jeffre and a team of volunteers passed out information on fountain square.

"Ralph Nader is largely been shut out by the media this time around. The media seem to be in love with Barack Obama and John McCain, but Ralph Nader is too important to be ignored," said Jeffre.

Sen. Barack Obama will be in Dayton on Tuesday drumming up votes before his wife, Michelle, speaks at the National Baptist Convention in Cincinnati on Wednesday.

His volunteers spent the weekend passing out literature to 100,000 homes around the state.

"It's easy to feel distant from it. You see them on TV, they're giving speeches, but when you can put energy into it, it means a lot," said Charlie Green, an Obama volunteer.

For those of you hoping to see the candidates, doors open for the McCain rally at 7 a.m.

There are tickets on sale for Nader's rally. The cost is $10 at the door, and $5 for students.