'The Simpsons' go to art school in Ohio

COLUMBUS, OH (AP) - Art school students in Ohio have learned that drawing "The Simpsons" isn't so simple.

Four of the artists who give life to the popular Fox network characters gave sort of a "Simpsons: 101" class on Monday at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

One of the key lessons for the roughly 450 people who attended was that Homer, Marge and the other stars of the long-running cartoon may not appear to have very complicated features, but they can be tricky to draw.

Storyboard artist Shane Sowell says accomplished, Disney-caliber cartoonists struggle with the Simpsons.

The artists say they have to follow a very strict code of design. For example, Marge has exactly four eyelashes and Bart always gets nine spikes in his hair.

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