Stations of the Cross stolen from Price Hill Church

CINCINNATI(WXIX) -  Jackie Sprague - email/bio

"It's sad that things like this are happening today and hurt because you just don't really understand why," said father James Kiffmeyer of Holy Family Church.

The church recently discovered that twelve copper plaques representing the stations of the cross were missing from their memorial garden.  Church officials say even though the plaques had sentimental value, they are not upset with the thieves.

"I think it's a challenge for us to respond with Christiasn values. Not to be angry,or want to be venegeful over this, but rather to pray for the person or persons who did this because obviously there is something lacking or missing in their lives. "

"As a precaution, church officials have removed the other copper plaques in the garden."

Cincinnati Police say they have seen a rash of copper thefts in Price Hill and surrounding areas and have a word caution so others do not fall victim.

"If the individuals can paint the copper which would be a sign to places that do salvage copper that maybe the copper was obtained thru illegal processes or illegal means."