Hamilton mayor at center of debate over potential job cuts

By Jackie Sprague - bio | email

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) -- Controversy is surrounding the city of Hamilton, where the mayor and police department are at odds over talk of cutting police jobs.

Vicky Ryan, the wife of Hamilton Mayor Don Ryan, spoke in defense of her husband and city council at Wednesday night's meeting.

"I am outraged by that letter, just totally, totally outraged," she said.

Mayor Ryan is at the center of a heated debate about potential job cuts to the city's police and fire department.

The issue began when the mayor offered off-duty security jobs to Hamilton Police for his new restaurant. The FOP says they won't help because they think Ryan isn't doing enough to support the department.

"They've told all of the departments that you have to cut everything that's not essential out and at the same time, they haven't been doing that," said Brian Robinson, FOP President.

"I've hired 80 people here and those 80 people besides working here and taking care of their families will be contributing to the general fund and the general fund is what pays safety services in the city," said Ryan.

The Hamilton police department also released a statement saying that while the city is experiencing serious financial issues, there are no immediate plans to layoff employees.

But the possibility of police and fire department layoffs in Hamilton have many in that community sending a strong message to city council at Wednesday night's meeting.

The amount of layoffs, if any, have not officially been talked about as of yet, but due to financial hardships here, the city says the possibility is not off the table.