The Aftermath

Needing repairs: Several home repair companies and tree removal services are swamped. Click here for tips so you don't get scammed while you're in a hurry.

Preparing for power restoration: In some cases, your meter or meter base may be damaged, which is your responsibility to fix. Get tips on how to do that.

Getting food stamps: People who receive public assistance can get replacement food for items  spoiled because of power outages. Click here for more information.

Safety tips on short term blackouts: If your home is still without power, click here for safety tips.

Tips for using generators: If you are using a generator, here is some important information you need to know.

Debris removal in Kentucky: The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) has specific guidelines for proper disposal of woody and vegetative debris left in the aftermath of severe storms. Click here for more information on how to properly dispose of debris if you live in Kentucky.

Shelter Locations and Water Distribution Centers: The Cincinnati Red Cross has opened shelters are areas to receive bottled water. Click here to find the nearest location.

Filing insurance claims: If your property has suffered damage, click here for tips of filing insurance claims.

Food spoilage: Click here for information on whether or not you should throw out food that may have spoiled.

Trash pickup: For information on Rumpke's trash pick up, click here.

Yardwaste drop off: Hamilton County residents can click here for information on disposing yardwaste from their property.

Tax relief: If you sustained significant storm damage from the severe winds on Sunday, you may be eligible for property tax relief. Click here for more info.

Green Township residents: If you are a resident of Green Township, click here for important information on debris removal.

West Chester residents: Drop off tree limbs at Beckett Park. Debris will be chipped at a later date. West Chester will  not provide curbside pickup.