Preparing for power restoration

The Kentucky Public Service Commission is urging residents to check electric connections or meters for damage.

Damaged connections or meters must be repaired before power can be restored to a home or business.

Falling or sagging power lines may have damaged the connections between the utility company's overhead line and a customer's electric system. The connections are usually in the form of a masthead, or in older homes, an eyebolt which holds the line in place and an insulated line leading to the meter. In some cases, the meter or meter base may also be damaged.

Once power is restored, damage connections or meters could pose an electrical or fire hazard if not repaired.

Repairing a service connection or meter base is the responsibility of the individual customer.

The meter base is the square or rectangular box on which the meter itself is mounted. It belongs to the property owner. The meter itself, the circular, glass-enclosed portion that attaches to the meter base, is the property of the utility company.

Customers with damaged connections or meters should take the following steps:

  • Notify the utility company that the service connection, meter base and/or meter is damaged. The utility can then make sure that the line is not energized until repairs are completed.
  • In the event that only the meter itself is damaged, contact the utility to have it repaired or replaced and your service restored.
  • Contact an electrician to repair the meter base or service connection. The repair work can be done prior to power being restored in an area, thus eliminating any additional delays.
  • The electrician will obtain the proper meter base from the utility. Some utilities impose no charge for the meter base, but the customer will bear the installation cost.
  • Have the repairs inspected by a state-certified inspector working for your local government. The electrician should be able to help arrange the inspection.
  • Notify the utility when the repairs are complete and have been approved. A utility technician will install a new meter and restore power.
  • Keep all repair records and contact your property insurer.

Residents should NOT attempt to remove any branches, limbs or trees that have fallen across service connections or other utility lines.