Power repairs sometimes homeowner's responsibility

In some cases, it may be your responsibility to make repairs around your home before Duke Energy can get your power back on.

For residential installations in Ohio and Kentucky, Duke Energy installs and maintains the overhead service line and electric meter. However, installation and maintenance of the underground service line, attachment hardware, weatherhead, riser and the meter box are all the customer's responsibility. These are typically installed and maintained by a licensed electrician.

Customers living in mobile homes are responsible for the service pole and for the service line that leads from the service pole to the meter. Customers are also responsible for their meter box.

If the meter box is pulled away from your house and you have no power, the homeowner is responsible for contacting an electrician for a permanent fix. In some instances, an electrical inspection may be required before Duke Energy can reconnect your service. Your electrician should be aware and advise you accordingly.

If the meter box is pulled away from the house and you have power, you should call an electrician to reattach the meter box. Again, an electrical inspection may be required.

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