Insurance agents offer tips on not getting ripped off by contractors

By Regina Russo - bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - If your lights are back on and you've moved on to wanting repairs for your home, make sure you're not ripped off by a contractor.

First came the cleanup, now time to get things patched up. That's where insurance adjusters come in. They recommend to be patient because it may take two days for someone to actually get to your house, but before they get there, beware of people offering help.

When it comes to fixing the damage caused by the windstorm of 2008, don't believe the hype. That's the what insurance specialists like Jim Aug of Safeco Insurance suggests - finding credible contractors is rule number one.

"After storms, a lot of out of state companies, they do hit and runs, and if roof is installed wrong, it's at your expense," said Aug.

Most of the houses he's surveying now has mostly shingles that are blown off, but if you still have trees and limbs around, Aug says the best thing to do is have them removed before the adjuster gets there.

"If you don't they can't survey the damage," he said.

Damage that is not covered is tree and debris removal. On averge, it's taking about 48 hours from the time you're placing your call for an adjuster to come out. The good news with the insurance company is that when they do, you'll get a check when they're work is done.

If you have severe damage to your house, call a roofer, a credible one to get your roof at least tarped so if the weather changes you're good shape.