A week later, thousands still without power

By Jill Eichorn - email

WITHAMSVILLE, OH (FOX19) - For many of the people still without juice, it's more than just an inconvenience now.

Duke Energy says they hope 99 percent of power will be restored by midnight Monday, but what about that remaining one percent?

They were welcome guests early Sunday morning. Duke energy workers restored power to several homes in the Mount Alverno subdivision in Delhi.

"It's been a week and a couple hours. It hasn't been bad, just resort to the camping days," said resident Greg Frey.

During the storm, trees uprooted and fell on power lines. Combine that with hard to reach poles, and it made for a tough fix.

"It's been an ordeal but there's other people in the city going through it," said Frey.

Susan Crockett lives just a block away from Beechmont Avenue, but nearly 300 people in her Withamsville neighborhood are still in the dark.

"We've contacted Duke several times now and all they come in here and then they leave because the problem is, in their opinion, too big," said Crockett.

Crockett says Duke did come out, but left without fixing the problem,and neighbors say that's unacceptable.

"I understand it was a catastrophe, but someone's not doing their job," said Ward Wheeler.

Wheeler makes cornhole sets from his home and has lost a week of business.

For other residents, the power outage is a health issue.

"There's several people in this neighborhood that need power," said Crockett. "People with juvenile diabetes, people on oxygen. I have diabetes. It's hard right now.">

A Duke Energy spokesperson said Sunday night that they are finding hard to reach issues in several neighborhoods.

They say they will not stop until power is restored for everyone..

As on 7 a.m. on Monday, 8,000 Duke customers remained without power.