Business is booming at local consignment stores

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

BELLEVUE, KY (FOX19) - There is one part of the retail economy that's doing well in this time of economic trouble - secondhand shops.

Consignment stores all over the city say the last few months have been good for business.

Most everything in Christine's Ludlow Avenue store comes second hand. Right now, she's watching her high end consignment boutique boom.

"You're still getting these designer, upscale items, but for way less than you would find a mall or in an upscale retail place," said Christine Reinshagen-Wallace.

Nationwide, consignment shops have reported major sales during this economic downturn. In fact, the National Association of Resale and Thrift shops reports many stores have seen sales increase as much as a 30 percent since last year.

Bellevue shop owner Beverly Nelson says she's one of them.

"This has been a phenomenal summer," said Nelson. "I celebrated my second year in business, and I think it's partly due to the gas prices, people are trying to stretch a dollar."

And stretching a dollar at these stores often means coming out with a look for less.

"I think it's a win-win situation for everybody," said Reinshagen-Wallace. "People can make a little money, and then people can have designer items that they originally wouldn't be able to afford."

The other big thing about these shops is both ladies say they've had a huge number of new people coming to the stores to sell items to the consignment shops.