World's heaviest man to wed Oct. 26 in Mexico

MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) - The world's most obese man is getting hitched. Manuel Uribe says he will wed longtime girlfriend Claudia Solis on Oct. 26 in Monterrey, Mexico.

The two will be married in a civil ceremony at a location still to be decided. Uribe is unable to walk, and leaving his house means being towed through the streets on his specially made bed.

This year the Guinness Book of World Records declared Uribe, who tipped the scales at 1,230 pounds (560 kilograms) in 2006, the world's heaviest man. The 43-year-old has shed about 550 pounds (250 kilograms) since with the help of Solis.

The two met four years ago. Uribe said Wednesday he will have a bite of wedding cake for photos, but won't eat any more because his diet prohibits it.

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