Mayor, City Manager call for peace after string of violence

By Sara Gouedy - bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) -- Fifteen reports of gun violence in Cincinnati in just two days - a disturbing number that has Mayor Mark Mallory and City Manager Milton Dahoney saying this must not become a trend.

Ten unrelated shootings erupted all over the city Monday and Tuesday, killing at least two people.

Cincinnati Police say they also got five other reports of gunfire.

The joint statement between Mallory and Mahoney is three paragraphs and includes a plea for anyone to come forward with information on these cases.

"I never thought I'd see nobody get killed the way they get killed," said a witness of a Monday murder on Woodburn Ave.

The woman did not want to be identified because she said she's scared.

"I started crying, and I had to take a walk and I don't even walk because my legs hurt," she said. "I walked for a long time, I mean a good distance, shook up."

Cincinnati Police say over about 48 hours this week, gun violence erupted on ten different streets of the city. People also called police about five different cases of "shots fired."

Reportedly, three of these cases involved drugs.

Police say 15 is an unusually high number in so short a time.

"It was a breakdown of several different types of gun related offenses, several of them did involve drug offenses," said Sgt. Danita Kilgore with Cincinnati Police.

Even though police say the shootings seem to be unrelated, Dahoney and Mallory released a joint statement about this violence.

The statement says, "It is disturbing anytime we have violence in our city. As a community, we need to report illegal drug activity when we see it, before it turns into violence."

Back in Evanston, people say that too.

"They're all young, young folks dying, young folks doing it, it just don't make no sense," said the witness.

Here is the complete statement from Mayor Mallory and Milton Dahoney:

"The Cincinnati Police Department has been very aggressive in working to disrupt the flow of illegal drugs into our area.  They have been working in partnership with other law enforcement agencies and our joint community efforts, such as CIRV.   We are having an effect in reducing the supply of illegal drugs, which played a role in the violence that occurred yesterday. The police have good information about the shootings, but are requesting additional assistance from the community.

"None of the shootings were random, which underscores the importance of staying out of illegal activities.  If you are involved in drug activity, whether as a buyer or a seller, you put yourself at a very high risk of becoming a victim of violence.

"It is disturbing anytime we have violence in our city.  As a community, we need to report illegal drug activity when we see it, before it turns to violence.  It is only through ongoing police community partnerships that we will continue to make inroads on drug activity and the violence associated with it."