FOX19 Follow Up: Foreclosed home still infested

By Dan Wells - bio | email

NORTHSIDE, OH (FOX19) - A roach motel in Northside is apparently still a problem for neighbors.

FOX19 first reported on the war with a bug infestation on Virginia Ave. weeks ago. However, the enemy is still widespread.

Susan Hughes says a foreclosed home right next door to her's has been a health hazard for years, full of trash, rodents and every bug you can think of.

Since August, the property was cleaned up, but Hughes says the bugs have still made the residence a permanent home and she gathered video herself to prove it.

"They're still falling off the ceilings, they're off the walls they're everywhere," said  Hughes. "There is bedbugs in the kitchen cabinets, they found bed bugs in the basement to the point they didn't even clean this backroom.

She says her calls and complaints to the Cincinnati Health Department have gone nowhere.

"As far as the roaches and insects they haven't done anything," said Hughes.

Hughes says she hoped the foreclosed home would be completely overhauled, but that hasn't happened.

"They are in my house bad to the point that my husband wants to leave," she said. "This one is foreclosed on, that one is foreclosed on, and this one will end up being foreclosed on because I can either afford to pay for bug spray or I can pay my bills."

Hughes says the problem has gotten so bad, it's taxing on her marriage and sanity.

"It's just not worth it you know. I don't want to do that, this is my home, "she said as she fought tears. "I'm sorry I'm getting upset "

FOX19 attempted to contact the Cincinnati Health Department, but the calls have yet to be returned.