Jobless claims at all time high nationally, locally

By Regina Russo - bio | email

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Jobless claims in the US are now at a seven year high after 497,000 Americans filed for unemployment benefits last month.

That's the highest number since just after the 9-11 terror attacks, and economists expect jobless claims to jump in the coming months.

So, with so much unemployment, and so few jobs available, what are the unemployed to do?

Whether you're unskilled with no degree, or a credentialed professional, job counselors say you have about an equal chance of finding a job these days in this tight market, so job seekers are putting down the paper and investing in new ways to job hunt.

Charles Derkson has been looking for a job for two months. You would think there would be openings for a newly certified heating ventilation and cooling worker, but he's been forced to look for opportunities.

"Anywhere and everywhere, even if not in my field of work, I looked," said Derkson.

Because the job market is just that tight, he's taking a non traditional approach to job hunting by seeking out the services of the Urban League, which offers job counseling and networking.

"Statistically most jobs are obtained by networking, 8 out of 10 are not posted," said Mia Mitchell with the Urban League. "It's who you know."

Adding to the pressure, whether you're employed or not, life still goes on.

'"Because while you're job seeking families go on, gas prices go up and your idle at the moment," said Mithcell.

Derkson had an interview at Kroger yesterday, doing whatever until a job he's trained for opens up.

'"Right now, I'm content with whatever job Urban League gives me," he said. "I'm happy until something breaks."

If you're job hunting, Mitchell encourages you to invest some time in places like the Urban League where they can intervene for you in looking for employment.