In tough economy, more retirees going back to work

By Dan Wells - bio | email

DELHI, OH (FOX19) - Stock market woes are having a big impact on thousands of seniors across the Tri-state who are near retirement.

Some retirees are now looking to get back to work to make ends meet.

For many older folks, retirement is not an option.....

"The stock market certainly has me concerned. It's like I'm going to have to live another 20 years to recoup everything," said Nancy Whitaker, an employee at Delhi Flower and Garden Center.

At the Delhi Flower and Garden Center, they not only growing plants and beautiful mums, they're also growing the income of employees who have returned here from retirement.

It is tough," said Whitaker. "Everything is more expensive. This helps. It's kinda good to have this extra little bit."

Managers say they're happy to have work in these uncertain times, and they're also thankful to have the unmatched experience of this young at heart staff.

"A large portion of our workforce are seniors," said Delhi Garden Center manager Tim Porter. "We find them to be dependable individuals with a strong worth ethic."

Martha Knecht, like many across the Tri-state, came back into the work force, driven by the price of gas, medication and groceries.

"I like it because it does help me get things that I couldn't afford other wise, so that's pretty much it," said Knecht.

The Delhi Garden Center also hopes the job keeps their valued employees young.

"A lot of them use it to supplement their social security or retirement, a lot of them do it for personal reasons," said Porter. "You know gardening is a great activity, it's healthy so in addition to the monetary rewards there is that as well."

Analysts and workers hope this financial crisis turns back around within a few years, otherwise we're probably going to see a lot more retirees spend their golden years in places like this.