UPDATE: Congresswoman's injuries worse than thought

CINCINNATI (AP) - A spokesman for Congresswoman Jean Schmidt says her injuries were worse than she thought after she was struck by a car over the weekend.

In a release, Schmidt's a spokesman says, "Upon landing at the United States Air Force base in Germany on her way to Afghanistan, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt experienced a great deal of pain and was temporarily unconscious. She was immediately taken to a local hospital where upon a CT Scan it was revealed that the incident on Wednesday when she was struck by a hit and run driver had caused more injuries than first detected at a local Cincinnati Hospital.

The Congresswoman was diagnosed in Germany with two fractured vertebrae and two broken ribs that x-rays did not previously detect.

She was treated in Germany and as soon as it was safe for her to fly back to the Untied States she flew back to Cincinnati for examination and treatment. She was treated and released from University Hospital where she will need to undergo further treatment and rehabilitation.

Schmidt is expected to fully recover.


Police still haven't found the driver of a car that struck and slightly injured a congresswoman out for an early morning jog.

U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt was running early Wednesday morning near her home in suburban Cincinnati when a car struck her on the right hip and threw her into a ditch.Schmidt , who has completed dozens of marathons, said in a statement to police that the car was driving very close to the edge of the road and never slowed down.

Schmidt , a Republican from southwest Ohio, was wearing a reflective vest with a light and a white cap. She flagged a passing car down whose driver took Schmidt to the hospital.

Schmidt was back in the office Wednesday and left for a trip to the Middle East Friday. Chief of Staff Barry Bennett said she was sore but otherwise all right.

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